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"I just finished up The Ultimate Texting Guide and, WOW... What I liked best was the real world text messages. Something that hasn't worked for me in the past was that I would text girls like they were my friends and I didn't really get anywhere with that because I didn't know how to flirt with them... The Ultimate Texting Guide had a lot of example text messages to use that I could just send to girls. It was really eye opening, a lot of good texting tips... The information in The Ultimate Texting Guide is well worth the investment, I don't think you will see it anywhere else."

IBen L., 23 Scottsdale AZ



the ulimate texting guide testimonial

"I am what some people call a natural in the real world but I was never a big fan of texting until I read The Ultimate Texting Guide... It's a step-by-step guide to being successful with ... Accept it or not, texting is part of today's world and it's becoming more predominant... Any phone that text messages should have Tyler Tray's handbook attached to it... These flirty text messages will blow you away"

Ian, 28 San Francisco CA


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50% Off Sale!

Texting Tips and Flirting Tips... Over 101 Proven Text Messages!

I'm Going To Show You Exact Flirty Text Messages, How To Create Attraction, Get A Date, Turn Her On To Where She Is Dying To Meet You And More... All Through Text Messaging...

How good would it feel if you never wondered what to text women again...

The Ulitimate Texting Guide

Dear friends,

Have you ever been stuck staring at your cell phone wondering what to text her?


Have you ever texted an attractive girl you desired and it failed miserably?

Every single man has run into these problems more than once. This is happening because most men don't know how and what to text message women, and they've ignored the signs with what's happening around the world.

For instance, take a look at one of the many facts that indicate men need to become successful at sending text messages to women...

Texting Facts

Interesting Note:

2.3 Trillion text messages sent this year would mean that every human being in the world will account for 30 text messages per person(and only a handful of people in the world have cell phones).

The Truth is...

  • Texting has rapidly became the #1 way of communication over the cell phones and...
  • Text Messaging is one of the greatest and most powerful tools for men if they want to be successful with women... here's why...
  • Texting roots to the source of power... WORDS. As they say in sales, "If you know the right words, you'll always make the sale."
  • You don't need to be witty, you don't need to dress a certain way (in fact you don't need to wear anything) and you don't have to deal with the competition in the room for that certain girl.
  • You're able to keep you on her mind all throughout the day, which is basically the definition of attraction... "A consistent thought about someone."
  • It gives you all the time you need to send the right flirty text messages so you can consistently get your desired response.
  • Effortlessly, you can build attraction, flirt and turn her on to where she is dying to meet up with you.


Fact is...

"If you know how and what to text message women you can expect to always be successful with women."

Before we go any further, let me share this story with you...

A few years ago, I realized that text messaging was becoming the #1 way of communication over cell phones and so I put an incredible amount of time into maximizing my ability in it. Truth is, I am more of a quiet guy because my voice is bad most the year and I knew text messaging would be my way to overcome that crux.

First... I became extremely good at quickly getting phone numbers. And then, I started building on my texting techniques and strategies. Within a few months of trial and error, I started to see a drastic change in my success with women. My ability to send the right flirty text messages became a natural part of me.

After a while, a lot of guys started seeing this increase of women wanting to be with me, and they started asking me for texting tips and advice on what kind of text messages to send the women they wanted. Some of the common questions I was consistently getting were...

"Hey Tyler, there is this girl that I met last night. What should I text her?"

"Tyler, what should I text message this girl to get her to come over to my place?"

"She wrote this... what does that mean and what should I write back?"

and so on...

text messages

So I started coaching a lot of men on what flirty text messages really produce results and how to implement them. The first thing I learned was...

Men are failing miserably at texting women

The more I coached, the more I started to see the bigger picture of where guys were screwing up and how to exactly be successful at text messaging. And that's what brought me to writing the first eBook ever written on how to and what to text message women...  

The Ultimate Texting Guide!

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Ready to get started? Click Here

Here's just a quick list of what you'll Discover from The Ultimate Texting Guide:

text messages
The exact steps on how to approach and get any girl's number... every time.
texting advice
Over 101 proven text messages that women consistently respond desirable to. These flirty text messages work like a charm.
texting secrets
My compiled outline of Where Guys Fail At Text Messaging. This is crucial so you won't make the same mistakes that most guys consistently run into.
flirting tips
The top 10 reasons Why Men Succeed At Text Messaging and how you can apply these texting tips into your own life.
cell phone advice
The 3 easy ways to send flirty text messages. This is where most men lack in their ability to be successful with women... You Won't!
text sex
The full-proof first initial text messages that work almost every time.
flirty text messages
The Perfect text messages to use when you want to test to see who she really is and if she is worth meeting up with.
text flirting
The 6 full-proof text messages to use when you want to get her to come over to your place.
text flirting
The texting secrets to keeping you on her mind all day. This is what automatically pulls her into wanting you.
texting tips for men
How to decode what a woman is really meaning in her text messages and how to respond to the hardest questions she will put on you.
text messages
Real life texting conversations. I'll show you exact conversations from women I hardly know to women that are trying to play hard to get and I'll explain along the way exactly why and what I did to get the results I wanted.
texting tips
The Four Step Process to meet up with her. Texting tips you must apply in order to be successful at text messaging.
texting advice for men
The best time to text message a women and much, much more...

I'm also going to include a BONUS section on how to make successful phone calls...

cellphone tips
The 5 key points you must hit when ever you talk to a women on the phone.
texting tips
How to flirt and get her laughing on the phone and dying to meet up with you. You'll will discover how to talk to her and exactly what to say so she is loving every minute talking with you.
flirting tips
and much, much more...


Here's what Jason Paymon has to say about it:


"The Ultimate Texting Guide is unique in the fact that you discover exactly what to text message attractive women. The great part is that not only do these texting tips and flirting tips give you instant results but you can apply them in the real world and through out your whole life.

Tyler Tray is one of the more knowledgeable dating gurus in communication, attraction and texting. I would advise you to not only buy this eBook, but to immerse yourself in it."

Jason Paymon
Dating Guru



You're probably wondering...

texting tips for men
Will these texting secrets work for me?

I am going to tell you from personal experience... Yes, this works for every type of guy. And really, every type of guy would benefit greatly from using The Ultimate Texting Guide and all the texting tips inside.

text dating
Can I apply The Ultimate Texting Guide on the internet?

Yes! The texting tips and principles that I'm going to teach you apply directly to the internet (such as Myspace, Facebook or any dating site). In fact, this is where I first got a lot of phone numbers and improved my approach with women.

texting tips
Do I really need to be more successful with texting women?

Here's the two biggest reasons why you should become more skilled in texting women...

Text messaging is very powerful in building confidence and it realigns you with what exactly turns women on. This happens because when you send text messages you get time to stop and think about what you would have said, and then after using my guide, you'll send the perfect flirty text messages to her. After she responds desirably (which she will) your confidence with build and you'll gain first hand, what to say to be successful with women on the phone and in the real world.

Trust me, I have seen it happen 100's of times...

In no time you'll start carrying over all your success on the phone into the real world because you'll learn exactly what to say to make women respond desirably to you.

And just to make sure you're successful with women...

"I'm Including 4 Incredible Bonuses and a Special Bonus!"

#1) Audio Format Of The Ultimate Texting Guide
The Ulitimate Texting Guide


texting tips for men

travel jobs sample

Here's how it works, as you are reading you will be given the opportunity to simply click and listen to me revealing to you all my texting tip and secrets that have made me incredibly successful with women.

You will be able to take the key points of my eBook and put it on a CD so you can listen to it while driving to work or whenever you feel like throwing some headphones on to get some texting tips.

This is the kind of resource I would have killed for when I first starting out. But it’s yours absolutely free if you act quickly.

#2) Interviews With Top Dating Gurus
flirting tips


texting interviews

travel jobs sample

Yes, not only am I giving you all of my texting secrets, I'm also giving you hours of interviews with some of my favorite, incredibly successful dating gurus. For over two hours, they'll explain what to say, wear, act and be to become really successful with women in the real world and on personal sites.

If you use Myspace or Facebook you must listen in on these interviews. You'll discover the secrets on how to systematically attract women and how to get phone numbers and dates all through the comfort of Myspace and Facebook.

We'll also make it possible to download the interviews on your computer and burn CD's or listen to them on your iPod.

#3) The 3 Irrefutable Secrets Of Attraction
The 3 Irrefutable secrets of attraction


texting flirting

Communication is the key to being successful with women. If you do not have the ability to communicate effectively, then you will not have the success you want with women. It's that simple.

Women in general are better communicators than men - that's because on average women have 5-10 times more conversations than men do every day. The good news is, you don't need a ton of practice to become good at communicating with women, you just need The 3 Irrefutable Secrets of Attraction.

After years of coaching and studying attraction and communication, I have broken down exactly what skills you need in order to build attraction and sexual tension with women effectively. This mini eBook is a must read and I'm throwing it in for FREE!

#4) 7 Laws Of Online Dating
flirty text message


"A man MUST follow these 7 laws when ever trying to successfully meet women online."

First, lets face the truth, almost everyone has a personal profile on the web and interacts on it regularly. In these days, you must utilize the web at some level to boost your dating life, you'd fall behind if you didn't. This is by far the fastest way to boost your success with women, it's all template based with word-for-word emails and profile points. Best part is results to get phone numbers are a ton easier then in the real world approaching.

Now, I'm not just talking online dating. I am talking about any place where interactions with women are made online - whether that be Myspace, Facebook or a Dating site.

Value: 27.95 - FREE

Discover the #1 Law to sending emails and messages to attractive women.. Without knowing this law, you're practically guaranteed to make this mistake the next time you email or message her.
The #1 tip for meeting up with women for the not so good-looking men. I've tried and tested different ways and methods and after years of trial and error I have the best results for any man meeting women online.
6 Key Points To a Boomer Profile. The #1 crucial area that men can't seem to get right. Follow these points for your face book, dating site or what ever profile you have online and you will be set to build attraction with any women that run across it.
YOU'LL LEARN WHY 99% OF GUYS SCREW UP AT MEETING WOMEN ONLINE!!! And what you're going to stand out because of that...
These Are 7 Laws You Can't Afford Not To Apply. Hit all 7 of these simple laws when you meet women online and you will double your success with women INSTANTLY!

Special Bonus

You are going get access in to the Dating Secrets Community and full access to it's 4 revolutionary dating success components. This the #1 place on the web to come to if you are looking to jumpstart your success with the women that you desire and to maintain that success for the rest of your life.

Here is a quick overview of the four components and how you will benifit.

#1 - Success Dating Interview

This is where you discover how guys just like you have become incredibly successful with women. I am also interviewing top dating guru's that know how women work in their specific dating expertise and how you can have the same success as they do.

#2 - Latest Dating Secrets

Latest Dating Secrets is where every month I share with you what dating secrets I am currently discovering and some real, eye-opening topics that I know will give you a new way of thinking and ultimately turn you into a desirable man that has options with exceptional women.

#3 - Proven Templates

This is where you get Proven, Word-For-Word, exactly what to say and how to handle different situations with women. This will definitely realign you with the right words to say so you won't be stuck wondering what to say and more importantly, you'll know exactly how to flirt, turn her on and build attraction.

#3 - Question and Answer

This is where I'll give you answers and tips to your specific situations. Remember, this in an interactive Dating Secrets Community - you 'll never be stuck wondering what to do. When you get into the site you'll notice every single course and page has a comment box and there's a page just for asking your important and specific dating questions.

You can expect to double or even triple your success with women just by finishing my eBook and all the bonuses!

text message tips
Tyler, what's the cost for The Ultimate Texting Guide and all the bonuses?

At the moment I am offer a 50% off sale because it's my way of saying thank you to my readers for all your good comments and for taking all those surveys I sent out this past 6 months while I was creating the Dating Secrets Community. So instead of the normal cost which was $29.95 it's just $14.97 right now.

That's quite a deal! On top of this 50% you are also going to get 30 days of free access into the Dating Secrets Community. It's pack with templates, latest dating secrets, videos, ebooks, articles and everything you need boost your dating life and maintain that success. To make sure you keep improving, you'll stay a member in the community after the 30 days for just $27 a month and you'll maintain getting all my up-dates and new dating secrets every month. If not, no hurt feelings, one quick email to support@datingsecretscommunity.com will cancel you exactly on the date and time you send the email.

Now lets be honest here. Every single man can admit to staring at their phone trying to think of the right words to send her. Well, let's break down how much time you waste staring at your phone trying to think of the right words to text her...

Let's make a fair estimate and say on average you waste 30 seconds trying to think of the right words to say for each message you send to an attractive and desirable woman. Now, the average man sends about 15 of those messages a day, so that's about 100 messages a week. That means, the average man wastes 50 minutes a week racking his brain trying to think of the right words to say. Let's say you make $10 an hour, that means...

"On average, you'll waste over 3 hours a month trying to think of the right words to send her, and at $10 an hour these texting secrets will pay for themselves in less then one month."

Bottom line is, you'll save hours and hours of brain storming, and most importantly you'll always say the right words and start having the results you want with women.

Now, I know you'll be amazed with what you're about to discover and I want to make sure you feel completely safe about trying it out...

texting tips guarantee

Here’s the Best Guarantee
You’ll Ever See!

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied for any reason in the next 90 Days, go ahead and let me know. I will gladly refund the entire price you paid for The Ultimate Texting Guide. No arguments, no squabbles, no quibbles, and no questions asked.

I am 100% confident that you're going to see a drastic change in your success with women and in all areas of your life. In fact, if you don't feel you have doubled your success with women in the next 30 days, let me know and I will be more than happy to instantly refund you the full amount. Plus, I'll let you keep The Ultimate Texting Guide and all the bonuses just for giving it a try.

That's an entire 3 Months to put my Texting Guide to the test risk free - All the risk is on me!

I can’t think of ANY way to POSSIBLY make it any easier and safer for you.

Tyler Tray

You will be amazed by what these texting tips, flirting tips and bonuses will do to your success with women...

Go ahead and click the link below to get started RISK FREE!


___ tyler tray signature

P. S. If you really want to be successful with women you are going to have to adapt to this new form of communication. You can either keep racking your brain for the right words to say or you can save all that time and send proven text messages that work every time. Click Here to see what these flirty text messages will do for you.

Dating Guru Review - Scott Paterson

"I've followed your advice with three different girls I've met. The results have been incredible!"

"Hey Tyler,

Boy I'm glad I came across your guide! While I've spent a number of years working on my skills with women, I've ALWAYS had major problems when it comes to girls who like to text message. (Often, I would lose a 'quality number' because I didn't know the RIGHT way to respond to the messages a girl would send)

After reading your guide, I came to the realization that I had it ALL WRONG with how I was approaching my "text game"! Your idea of creating and maintaining attraction really opened my eyes about how easy it is to create sexual chemistry with just a few messages. In the last few weeks, I've followed your advice with three different girls I've

The results have been incredible! With only MINIMAL "In-person" contact, I was able to quickly amplify the sexual tension. This made it MUCH easier to
physically escalate when I saw these girls next.

I recommend this guide for ANY guy who owns a cell phone and wants to improve his success with the women he's meeting. I'm confident that anybody who follows your simple advice will be able quickly increase the quality of the numbers he's getting!"

Scott Patterson



"I couldn't believe how much The Ultimate Texting Guide affected my sex life... I never thought these texting tips could have this huge of an impact..."

John F. Colorado, U.S.

"I had been trying to get this girl to dig me and it just wasn't working, and then after applying just a few of Tyler Tray's texting tips I was easily able to take myself out of the friend zone and now she's all about me. I really didn't know how to send flirty text messages.."

Andy M. Brisbane, Australia

"It's a perfect system! The Ultimate Texting Guide showed me how to get the number and exact flirty text messages. I have women right now dying to be with me because of this texting guide. It was a shock to see how much these texting tips affected my real world interactions. Thanks a lot Tyler..."

Sid W. Northampton, England

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