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__ "I just finished up The Ultimate Texting Guide and, WOW... What I liked best was the real world applications. Something that hasn't worked for me in the past was that I would text girls like they were my friends and I didn't really get anywhere with that... The Ultimate Texting Guide had a lot of example texts to use that I could just send to girls. It was really eye opening, a lot of good information... The information in The Ultimate Texting Guide is well worth the investment, I don't think you will see it anywhere else."

IBen L., 23 Scottsdale AZ



__"I am what some people call a natural in the real world but I was never a big fan of texting until I read The Ultimate Texting Guide... It's a step-by-step guide to being successful with girls... Accept it or not, texting is part of today's world and it's becoming more predominant... Any phone that text messages should have Tyler Tray's handbook attached to it..."

Ian, 28 San Francisco CAIaI



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"I couldn't believe how much The Ultimate Texting Guide affected my sex life..."

John F. Colorado, U.S.

"I had been trying to get this girl to dig me and it just wasn't working, and then after applying just a few of Tyler Tray's texting tips I was easily able to take myself out of the friend zone and now she's all about me..."

Andy M. Brisbane, Australia

"It's a perfect system! The Ultimate Texting Guide showed me how to get the number and exactly what to text. I have women right now dying to be with me because of this texting guide. The best part is that it built my confidence and now I know how and what to say to the women I feel nervous around..."

Sid W. Northampton, England

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