Top Ten text messages to break up

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Top 10 Text messages: Breaking up

1 Sorry it's over.
2 I would tell you this in person but I wouldn't be able to pull myself to do it...but I think it's best we don't see eachother anymore.
3 I think we sould start see other people...
4 I am bad with comitment and I would end up just cheating on you anyways...So lets end it now.
5 I love you to death but I would rather not die right now, hope you get my point, bye...
6 Are you dumping me right now, because if you are not then I am.
7 I have made a few bad decitions in my you my number was one of them....we are done.
8 I don't want you to fall in love with me, so lets just be freinds.
9 It's best if you and I never see eachother anymore.
10 We could have been something but you have to ruin it, I am through with you!

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