Texting articles. The 9 Key Texting Tips - Discover How To Become Successful At Texting

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The 9 Key Texting Tips Discover How To Become Successful At Texting

 By Tyler Tray - May 25, 2008

"Texting" or as some would call it "text messaging" has became a phenomenon. It went from a once in a while enjoyment to a day-to-day necessity. Very few people that have cell phone with texting capabilities can go through a day with out sending or receiving a text message. Some countries have adopted texting faster then others. For example; in England, a study was done on text messaging. One of the questions asked was, "have you sent a text message in the last two minutes?" A shocking 75% of the women and 25% of the men had sent a text message in the last two minutes. I think it is fair to say that texting is a large part of today's society.

So why not be successful at texting?

I've been studying and utilizing text messaging for years now, and I have applied the nine most important texting tips to become successful at text messaging.

Tip #1 - Abbreviate - Texting uses a different form of communication. Since you only have so many characters you can send (usually 160 characters), you need to abbreviate common phrases. Remember, don't over do it and use uncommon phrases, it's really annoying when you get a text message that look like this, "Hey you HRU IHA IDGI TAS LOL." On the other hand use abbreviations that both parties understand. Go to texting tips ,com for the most popular texting abbreviations; it's all free and great information about texting

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