Texting articles. How To Move From Text Dating To Real Dating - 3 Laws To Text Dating Success

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3 Laws To Text Dating Success

 By Tyler Tray - May 21, 2008

Text dating is quite a convenient dating system. It's very simple, stress free and easy to do. All you do is login to a text dating program like match.com or meetmoi.com and give them your information and the kind of mate you are looking for. After that they will start texting you people that you might match up with. Sounds simple? That's because it is. The hardest part is going from text dating to real dating.

Texting is kind of like drinking. At first you love it, it's fun and then at some point you need it and you can get away from it. Well, the same goes for text dating. You'll love it and then you can't get away from it. In other words, it can become your crux's if you are not careful.

The goal is to meet someone you match up with in real life and not to actually date someone through texting. I am going to give you the three crucial laws to smoothly move anyone from text dating to real dating.

Law #1 - Text date someone for no more then two weeks - A rule of thumb is.... "If you text date for more then two weeks you can consider your relationship to stay on the phone." All relationships go through stages and texting is just a part of the stage that should only last two weeks or less. If you don't get off the phone with in two weeks you are most likely going to end up building a relationship over the phone and then you're stuck.



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